External Audit Services

External Audit Services

We deliver independent, high quality and efficient audits of financial statements. The quality of our audit is an assurance to stakeholders of the reliability of the financial information provided to them.

The Lebanese business community is made up of enterprises varying in size and needs, and operating in different industries. We at BDO have the capacity to adapt our services to the individual needs of each business. Our partners and professional staff have the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with complex financial reporting issues. Through the composition of multidisciplinary teams, we are in a position to deliver efficient and focused audits distinguished by high professional quality.

Our understanding of modern auditing requirements compels us to adopt an efficient and risk-oriented approach. When performing an audit, we ensure that it is broadly focused and is not limited merely to interpreting the figures in annual financial statements, but also takes account of factors such as the corporate environment and strategy, as well as core processes and selected key areas.

We analyze the commercial activities, the financial situation and the internal control system (ICS), from which we derive the risks that could lead to material misstatements in the annual financial statements.

Commitment, especially adapted auditing, breadth of service, in-depth understanding of the sector are the features that distinguish our deliverables.