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19 September 2018

These two bulletins look at IFRS9 implications for related party loans, specifically - Applying IFRS 9 to related company loans in the real estate sector and Applying IFRS 9 to related company loans.

13 June 2017

Do we live in a riskier world? The answer is yes according to 72% of respondents to the BDO Global Risk Landscape survey who consider that the world has become a riskier place. With risk perception down overall from 87% from last year’s survey however, is this an accurate reflection of the...

03 March 2017

Cyber criminals have expanded their reach and are no longer just focusing on organisations, they’re also targeting individuals on their personal devices such as mobile phones, iPads and personal computers.

03 March 2017

Just over eight months ago, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum whose outcome defied poll predictions and surprised millions on both sides of the Channel.Now, with only a few short weeks to go before the expected initiation of the ‘Article 50’ exit process and...

28 February 2017

Fraudsters trying to perpetrate the “Big Boss” scam (also known as CEO fraud) rather hope the answer is “how high” and rely on a culture of unquestioned authority to be successful.The typical scenario in this type of fraud is that the fraudster poses as the boss (often a CEO or a CFO) and...

Displaying 1 - 10 of 10